Pricing and validity


A registered user can buy Vectors and Illustrations using one of the two ways

- Buying an Individual vector or package of vectors or

- Subscribing to one of the Bulk Packages and using the balance from the account to buy

Pricing for Individual vector or package of vectors

- Each vector is created and hence priced uniquely

- Price of a vector depends on the complexity and usability of the vector

- Price of the package of vectors will depend on the number of units the package contains, its complexity of creation and application

- Service tax of 12.36% as applicable will be charged extra

Pricing for Bulk Packages

- Alternatively an individual can subscribe to one of the packages as mentioned below

- Individual gets benefits of subscribing to a bulk package and can utilize the same to buy additional vectors

- Service tax of 12.36% as applicable will be charged extra

- Validity associated with each of the packages also allows the flexibility to the user to buy the vectors at will as well as renew or add-on to the package as needed.

- If a user who has already bought a package subscribes to a new package, following rules will apply:

- The new account Balance will the sum total of the existing account balance and the new package amount

- The New account Validity will be reset as per the validity of the latest package subscribed to.

Plans and Pricing SuperXL SuperSmall SuperLarge Unlimited Free!
MRP 5000 1000 2000 999
Additional Benefit 200 % 150 % 150 % 0 %
Credits 15000 2500 5000 999
Validity 1000 Days 1000 Days 1000 Days 5000 Days