About Us

PickAPic Visual Media Private Limited is a Joint Venture entity of Nucleus Integrated Communication and Entertainment Private Limited and Esteem Agencies Private Limited. PickAPic provides a unmatched resource of Vector Graphics and Illustrations to creative professionals all over the globe. PickAPic enables creative individuals and agencies to select, purchase and download exclusive Indian Vectors and Illustrations.

Just PickAPic?

PickAPic has been conceived and conceptualized considering the latent need and unavailability of graphic illustrations and vectors pertaining to Indian Context. With a highly diverse culture, food habits, customs, costumes, festivals and values Indian Illustration provide a huge canvas for varied illustrations with varying styles and colours that are identifiably Indian and more importantly regional.

We intend to create an extensive and exhaustive library inclusive of all Indian Grapchis which can be used to represent India anywhere across the globe. Take a step forward soon we intend to provide Indian Images as well and then integrate into all kind of Visual media in next few years.

Our offerings

A product or a Service communication makes more sense and is highly impactful if it contains visual that the audience can connect to. With the exponential growth in the Indian Market in last few years there is an inherent need of Indian Illustrations and Vectors to be used in communications.

PickAPic exactly suffices this latent need and hence becomes a necessary solutions providers for:

● Advertising Agencies
● Digital Marketing Agencies
● Creative Professionals in Design
● Print Publishers
● Web Designing Professionals
● Small and Medium Businesses